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Vitcom LLC is NOT a telemarketing company and does NOT utilize telemarketing to promote any of our services.  We are a regulated telecommunications company that provides telephone numbers to a wide variety of carriers, service providers and enterprise customers – some of whom may perform telemarketing services to consumers and businesses.  However, as the telephone company of record for these telephone numbers, we take complaints about any potential misuse of Do Not Call Lists very seriously.

Since we are not a telemarketing company, simply the provider of the telephone number, we cannot prevent a company from contacting you.  In fact, while some companies utilize our telephone numbers, in most cases they do not utilize our network to make the actual phone calls.  However, we will be glad to notify the customer of record about your complaint provided we have the following information:

– The number calling you, and
– The number being called.

The information will be passed along to the owner of record for the telephone number.  Email your request to: legal@vitcom.net

For additional information or to add your name to the Do Not Call List, please visit www.donotcall.gov